Fastxt v0.1.0 Launch and MVLM

Yi Wang

Yi Wang


Fastxt v0.1.0 is launched!

Fastxt, as a sister project to Local Native, with very similar design and toolchain, is a decentralized cross-platform application to manage your text, currently available on iOS, iPadOS and macOS. You can now sync between them.

Fastxt Desktop currently does not use Mac Catalyst as it seems require a different type of rust target.

I did some exploration with GTK, the packaging effort on macOS seems would be high.

Electron is great with all the JavaScript and web development ecosystem, however its strength is also its weakness as the dependency is so deep, and packaging release effort is high.

Why Fastxt?

Similar to Why Local Native, there is motivation to demonstrate this as another example repository that decentralized application could actually work, also as a self contained Minimal Viable Learning Material (MVLM) to influence software people for their future project.

MVLM: Minimal Viable Learning Material

Chasing tech stack trend is an endless and a losing battle, the cool kids today may be playing Dart, Swift and Deno.

Swift UI has the concept of stateful variable, binding etc, double binding was there in ActonScript for Flash developer 10 years ago. Seems there is nothing new under the sun.

So how to survive this fast moving train of tech? and what qualifies as MVLM?

It has to survive time, not suck, and should be measured in usefulness and longevity.

If I want it still maintained in 10 years, 20 years and 30 years time horizon (hope by then I can still code), it need to be programatic and stick to the mainstream or constrained to the "recommended' ways of doing things on those major platforms to minimize maintenance effort.

So simplifying requirement, reduce data model complexity and cut "non useful" features, stick to those ones will last (longer).